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Lee Soo Hyuk


“My parents have been married for over 30 years and I have been raised in their love. My mother told me my father used to send her a handwritten love letter every day when they were young in Somalia and sometimes twice a day when he missed her something bad. Love is having babies and fleeing a country in war together. It is being scared and being brave anyway. It is missing each other and always being friends. My parent’s love taught me that you need more than beautiful words for love to survive. Love is hard work, it is a commitment every day, it is doing what is necessary to make sure the other person is ok. My father somehow took care of a family of 12+ on a taxi cab driver’s salary and studied by a lamp’s light every night. My mother raised 10 children in a country hostile to their very existence with nothing but pure wit and strength. So I learned early on that love must manifest in actions. My favorite memory of them is how my mother would wait to eat until my father came home every day and them sitting together just laughing, talking, and loving. One time, my father took my mother’s hand and looked at us sitting around the table and told us, ‘you know, I love this woman. She is my best friend.’ And the way my mother still looks at my father, I know he’s not the only one who feels that way.”

— Yasmin Mohamed Yonis, in an interview for the Black Love Project (via ethiopienne)

12.35 AM

If you speak ill of my Mother or Sisters you just know I’m chocking you then we can discuss later. Don’t write shit about my Sister if it’s not coming from her own mouth. Even if she’s no longer around. You ain’t gonna trash her name like she’s nothing with us around still.

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“If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness.”

— A phrase that was carved on the walls of a concentration camp cell during WWII by a Jewish prisoner (via xstayfocused)






Uncle Charlie touching souls

This is perfect



1967 Lamborghini Marzal.

the only lamborghini i’d ever want.

Big Sister ..

Tionna we are not forgetting you, you fill every one of my thoughts. You should know that each time I said “I Love You” it was genuine .. not for you to say it back, But because I desired for you to know that I do. Don’t leave me Sis cause I’m not leaving you.

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